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The Rich Land

Chapter 4 - Underestimated

     She was sitting on a fallen tree when she first saw them. In the distance, there was the silhouette of a horseman. The sky was red, and the she could see blue mountains far away, in the north, composing a beautiful sight. She quickly rose and went home, or better yet, the house she spent those nights on. She knew the peaceful break was over, and that she had work to do now. The clothes were usually the same, but this time the moon was very bright and the possibilities of her being seen were already great. She had to prepare to run, not to be sneaky. So she put the cape on, hoodless, armed with her daggers, and left the house.
      The moon was high on the sky when the encampment was finished. A lot of people were moving around though, and she had to ask two times where was her target. She got into the labyrinth of tents, carts and wagons, searching for a big blue tent as someone had told her. After a while she found it, so now Ellein was fully focused. Her senses told her someone was drinking on a tent nearby and someone was talking inside the one she needed to get in. There was a person on the door, a black huge guy, scarcely dressed, a huge hammer right behind him, and fabulous tattoos drawed on his arms. She was unsure what to tell him, so she just tried to come in. weirdly, he kept still as she went by. There was a big blue curtain separating the tent in half. That side had a little table and a chair, and that was it. She suddenly felt really weird, so she pulled two daggers out and cut the curtain, but the voices she heard suddenly stopped and there was no one on the other side. Something was wrong.
     This had happened before, when the targets found that they were being targeted. She immediately looked back, to the huge guy at the entrance, but she only saw a silent hammer falling from the sky in the exact direction of her head. She threw herself to the side, but the hammer touched the back of her shoulder for a second, which was enough to make it immediately bleed. The guy was already on top of her, and grabbed her head. Her hands moved quickly, cutting the guy's wrist, but his other hand punched her stomach, making her drop one of the daggers. The pressure on her head was increasing too fast, so she grabbed his arm and throw both her feet at his ****. His hand let her go while he leaned forward and her head dropped, only to find her knee hitting it hard, but not hard enough to put him unconscious, so she stabbed his neck twice.
     The whole scene took a matter of seconds, but she could barely breed, mostly due to the shock. Staying there would be a major mistake, since it was obviously a trap, so she grabbed the side of the tent, rose it, passed through, and run away.

     May 5, 2011 

  Chapter 3 - Warmed

     Some guy named Valu left a letter on her door, back at Owun, where Ellein had a house. He wanted her to kill another certain rich man, which was on Kalethda, also in Northern Djakard, and Valu was asking that she could met him. So now she was relaxed, walking the streets of a little village next to Kalethda. She was waiting for this man to leave the city, where her assassination would be harder. Her informer told her that this rich man would travel south, joining in a caravan of ice nomads, that started migrating from the high peaks of the Djakard mountains, when winter began. Her job seemed a child's one, since he was travelling only with a couple of people. He was to spend a night at that exact village, it would be very easy to spot if the caravan went by, being such a huge one. Almost everyone that lived in the mountains was there because the agriculture that was very stable and productive, except in winter, when it was to cold to live there. The harvest festival was over anyway, and the southern regions were much better prepared to the upcoming winter, as all the gathered raw materials were probably shipping south too. this was a very important period, because almost everyone in Northern Djakard were doing something or moving somewhere. There were also a lot of easy job requests to assassins like her, because the usual mess around the big cities facilitated the process of... well, killing.
     She suddenly noticed a little girl starring at her, just outside a house nearby. It was probably because of the weird color of her hair. If one said it was singular, that would probably be nice, since she never saw anyone like her. When she was close enough her knee touch the ground and she said hi to the girl.
     - Where are you from - the girl directly asked, which made Ellein laugh a little.
     - I don't really know, but i have always lived in the south. Did you ever go there?
     - No - she answered, and then turned away.
     Stuff like that always happened. Despite liking children, they were many times scared away by her appearance. She liked their innocence. Ellein wished she had a peaceful life like them. But she started her job very early, it being the one thing she could do decently well. She got up and turn around too, thinking that she would dress herself for the night, when suddenly a voice came from behind her.
      - Would you like some hot drink?
     A middle aged woman, probably the mother of the child she had just met, was on the door.
      - That would be nice thanks.
      Not many times Ellein had company, during the days she kept waiting for people or preparing her jobs. She entered. It was a simple house. The mother and the child were both sat at the table, the child having now a little dog cut out of silk and leather that she was playing with. There was a wooden chair and a wooden cup, little clouds coming from it. Ellein sat at the table and the hot drink warmed her. She was usually very rigid with her body, making herself very resistant to low temperatures, but the drink was very satisfying break from all of it. Quietly, she felt part of the little family.

     May 4, 2011    

Chapter 2 - Killed

     "The guards are annoying" - she though - "always trying to catch you when they know they can't and making a fuss. I must avoid them.
     Ellein entered the house trough it's back, as she usually did. Under her hood, she saw a private guard on the door. She had to do it quickly. She crawled trough the yard and made it to the door, which she hit very silently three times. She heard movement, and the door was opened slightly while a sword and an eye became visible. Her knife slipped through the small opening and hit the eye at the same time that her wrist passed trough the same opening and pulled the door. A sword fell, but the man tried to shout before Elleins hand got on her mouth and the arm around his body, while the knives in her wrists did the dirty work. Bleeding from already five injuries, and unable to move or shout, the guard quickly gave up any hope, and was tossed to the yard.
     Her passage to the interior was guaranteed, now Ellein just had to find her target. She rest her ear in the ground, and tried to figure where most movement came. As she failed, she figured it should be in another floor, so she started to look for some stairs. The house was big, and the guards made it harder to find anything on it, but she was agile. Ellein just followed the corridor after the door she opened and it leaded to the stairs she wanted. From the doors on the sides she heard one or another voice, so she kept as quiet as possible. While running up the stair, she found that another person was on top of it. It was not, however, a guard. It was a guy, and he was facing the opposite direction. It had a book on his hands and a white robe on his shoulders. He walked alone, as her was getting further away. "Good for him" Ellein though, "another life is spared".
     After walking a little bit on the upper floor corridors she noticed a fuss on one of the doors. She was going to open it silently when the door handle moved, and her reaction was to move away from the door and hide as silent as possible behind it. Two man got out of the room, with the same aspect of the one she met before, and then a guard came out. Luckily for her, all of them moved in the opposite way, and right after they were safely facing away from her, she sneaked into the room and directly into the closest closet. It was a big division, and it had other doors which she could have sneaked in easily, but she didn't heard anything from the others unfortunately. A man came near the closet she was in, and she recognized him as her target. It was getting near, dangerously near.
     - Sire! Can we close out for today? All your Investigators already reported to you, so there is no reason for you to stay this close to danger. A set up is on its way against you, and you may trust no one, as we know, not even your investigators.
     - Alright, close all up. But please, leave this room now, and send me my meal to the closest dining room. Ill meet up there, got to dress...
      The personal guards left, and her target moved to the closet.
     "What a bad choice" she though, and she opened the doors of her hideout, slipped a knife to the mans throat, which was already too close. The knife on her right wrist slipped trough its hip, where she knew it would immobilize his leg and make him fall. As expected he did, and really silently, which was great. The target was eliminated and the job was done. She now had to find her way out, and the windows were probably the best. She opened one, looked outside. It was not too high, so the night swallowed her.

     July 25, 2009 

Chapter 1 - Her

     She was not on vacation. She was working. And she had not fault that her work included assassination or destruction of other's property... Tonight it was some rich man in Northern Djakard. It was far away, so she asked transportation to the nearby Screech Handler. The Screeches were some big birds she though. No wonder they were the most common air transportation. She mounted the Screech and received the script. Some hours of flight made her pissed off, and she was entertained only with her draws that she made during the trip. She was trying to make a map of her country, but it was going to take some time, and the best way to do it was from above obviously. Lately she got a lot of missions in Northern Djakard, so her draw was going smoothly.
     Far away she observed the Nightbay, where she was supposed to land, so she saved the rest of her energy to kill the designate man, and she guarded her draw and writing feather in her bag, and took the money necessary to pay the script. From above, Nightbay looked like a peaceful town, and if she weren't aware of all the schemes and gangs that were in it, and of which she was part too, she would have desired to live in such a peaceful and rich town. The Screech shouted, indicating her and the town keepers that she was arriving. When she was only her height above the ground the screecher stretched its legs and started running to the screech dome, where he was told he should go. The voyager girl paid the smart bird and gave it the script when she arrived at the dome, and left walking. After leaving the screecher dome she tough were she was supposed to go.
     "I have to get the knives and dress up while i wait for the night" she though, and she took the path to the left, which leaded her to Mr. Gras' installation, on which she sent her forbidden knifes trough the mailing system. She arrived at the house. It was pink, "How awful" she though, but she didn't say a word, because she owe so many favors to Mr Gras. She knocked.
     - Come in! - She heard Mr. Gras saying. - Well good morning Miss Falcon
     - I told you, Mr Gras, please call me just Ellein.
     - Well, Miss Falcon, I may really do that, in private...
     She figured he would want another night with her. Ellein didn't want too, but it was risking enough just to bring her slaughter knives to the light of day, so she had to accept it.
     - You may do that - She said, with a fake smile - But tonight i have some business to deal with...
     - I figured it of course, why else would you bring "sharpy" here to Nightbay after all?
     - Yes, you understand me Mr. Gras.
     - But tomorrow i would like you to have a meal at my house, fair enough don't you think?
     - My pleasure - She smiled, with no pleasure at all, preparing to leave as soon as he gave her her knives.
     - Have a good night lady, and i see you tomorrow. Adil avoure.
     - Adil thou - she answered, and she left.
     Now Ellein was headed to The Giant Cup, where she had already sent a letter asking a room for a night. As soon as she got there, the manager waved to her. Ellein knew herself, she knew she was pretty, and that it was useful to her. But it was crossing the line, and she really did not want so much eyes on her.
     - Good evening Court.
     - Good evening Ellein, my dear. Everything is ready, here is your key.
     - Thank you Court. Can i have my meal upstairs please?
     - Of course, i myself will be bringing it to you. Have a nice stay.
     Her clothes left the bag as soon as she closed her room door. She undressed, and her exposed body made her understand why any man would desire her night. She was little tanned, her hips were larger that the rest of her body, with the exception of her shoulders, which were both elegant and strong. In her wrists she had her metal bracers, and on her shoulders now was laying her dark hood. Her hair, which was usually hiding behind some cape, was now falling on her back, and its dark blue contrasted with her hips, where it stopped. She also dressed up her dark vest on top of her light underwear, which was too much revealing, on which she was almost invisible if it was a dark night like the one now swallowing the sun. Someone knocked, and she closed her belt. She opened the door to reveal a succulent meal in the hands of Court, which she ate half of and delivered the rest downstairs.
     Ready, Ellein left The Giant Cup. Her belt had a knife, her wrists had another two. She waked the dark road to her destiny.

    July 18, 2009

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