The End. These were the last words Amy read, and the book was, obviously, over. She liked it. I helped her through the nights she could not sleep, and the boring waits on the hospital, every month. It was critic, however. The society in the book was so much alike her own, but the lifes of the characters all ended up well. She knew it was fake, it was just some dream everyone had. It was hard to find your true love and live happily ever after. It was almost impossible to run into so many guys, like the character did, and all of them like you so much you had to pick, and it was ever harder for everyone to acccept it.
     As Amy though, it was a dream, a nice one by the way. But she woke up while reading "the End", and she noticed that she was sleeping for too long. Well, literaly she was reading for too long, and she should be studying by now. If she wanted to have a nice job that she liked, she was not suposed to be daydreaming all the time, because the nice life would not be given to her cheaply. As for that, Amy usualy bet on some kind of jackpot, because it would make her life much easier she simply though. The book was not hers, so she left the bedroom. Downstairs, Amy told her mom that she was going out. Passed a dor, she was on her garage, where she grabbed her bycicle and drove out off her house. She waited a bit, and when no car was on the street, her members started to lead her to her best friends house. Left, foward, left again then right. She has been doing the same path since she was seven, when she met her friend Bo, an asian who migrated to england only because she could. With some wealthy parents, she really didnt needed to study, but she did it because she wanted knowlegde for her books. Bo read a lot, and that hobby passed to Amy, but Bo also write, every and anything she could. "Bo's house is some library" she always though.
    Amy though she was jealous of her friend for some time, but she knew that she could not complaint, when thousands of kids everywhere had to work themselves to win some cash for their familly.
     Unlike any other friend she met, Bo didnt need to studybto have some good grades, and she did spend a lot of time playing or doing exercise. Because of that, she could do almost anything she would like to do. But her writing "mania" was no real profession, and that was what she picked.
     Amy started thinking about her vacations, right after the final tests. She wanted to do so many thing, and go to some places as well. She would start by

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